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For those that are the fan of Madhur Bhandarkar movies would sure acknowledge this name. Affirmative she is one in all the lead actress in his movie referred to as Calendar Girls. She hails from Mumbai, whereby she was born and stated in an exceedingly family of non movie background originally from North India. Later her faculty, she joined her school to try to to her graduation, however, throughout her studies solely, she got the chance to figure as a model. She then was seen walking variety of ramps and even later found doing a few of commercials similarly.

Amidst all this once she was busy together with her modeling career, she got a proposal from a south Indian movie, that she pronto accepted to tread the South Indian Movie career. Her initial South Indian Movie was Praise The Lord, that was directed by the person referred to as Shibu Gangadharan, that she did together with slew of stars, including the Salt N Pepper movie referred to as Ahmed. The movie was a normal over the box office, nonetheless it helped Akanksha to tread a secure and sound path over her career. This gave an additional film within the south referred to as Alex Pandian, that suffered once more little box office report, nonetheless giving all rounds of applauds for her smart performing talents.

Akanksha Puri entry into Madhur Bhandarkar forthcoming movie Calendar Girl was accidental as she wasn’t the primary selection of this reality issue primarily based film-maker. It had been Meghana Raj who was roped sure the star solid together with four different women, however, thanks to some issue she opted out, that created the director to possess another selection that ultimately came within the variety of Akanksha Puri. Recently, the poster of the moving picture was released within the media, that comprised this girl similarly. Though not abundant is understood regarding the film, however if you think the rumours, within the list of 5 herione during this movie, solely 2 names were out, that embody one in all Akanksha Puri and also the different is of Kyra Dutt.



















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