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Jackie Chan real name is Chan Kong-sang, he is a Hong Kong actor, producer, director and professional martial artist. He was born in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong  on 7th April 1954. Jack Chan wife/spouse Lin Feng-jiao (an actress), the couple got married in 1982 and have two children.

He turns 64 years in 2018. He is popularly known for his acrobatic fighting style and comic timing.  Jackie Chan has worked in various films Hollywood, Chinese as well as in Bollywood films. Since childhood he was interested in acting, he began his acting career at the age of 5 was doing a minor roles.

Jackie chan

Jackie Chan

At the age of 8 he worked in the film Big and Little Wong Tin Bar In 1962. After performing different roles in movies, he got his breakthrough came with movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow released in 1978. Later Jackie appeared in his first Hollywood film The Big Brawl. Simultaneously he produced films with his friends.

In early 1990s, Jackie Chan got to fame after his successful films such as Police Story 2, Police Story 3: Super Cop and Drunken Master II. Later on, Jackie Chan was well established in Hollywood as well by appearing in the films like Shanghai Knights, The Myth and Rob-B-Hood, and Rush Hour 2.

Apart from acting, Jackie Chan is also a singer and released almost 20 studio albums since 1984. Jackie’s has a long list of awards and nominations such as Golden Phoenix Awards, Daytime Emmy Award, American Choreography Award, and Hong Kong Film Awards. Chan upcoming movies Viy 2: Journey to China.

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