Sizzling Hot Aalia Ebrahim Bikini Image, Wallpapers, Bra, Swimsuit & Photo Gallery

Sizzling Hot Aalia Ebrahim Bikini Image, Wallpapers, Bra, Swimsuit & Photo Gallery
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Aalia Ebrahim is the beautiful daughter of actress Pooja Bedi and grand-daughter of famous actor Kabir Bedi. She was born in Mumbai in the year 1997. Earlier she came into limelight when she appeared in the Sony TV’s reality show Maa Exchange. Even After this show, she was seen in many public events with her mother Pooja Bedi. Even though Aalia Ebrahim is just 19 years old this sizzling beauty has attracted the media towards her and she has become the social media star.

We have got gorgeous Aalia Ebrahim‘s rare Hot HD Wallpapers, Pics, and Bikini Images just for you. She is bold and beautiful yet a talented girl as she won awards for her art, writing, and filmmaking. She is a creative person and loves painting, drawing, creative writing, baking, reading, filmmaking, and editing. In the year 2013, she won Balakratna National Art Award and in 2014- 109F Young Achievers Award.

Aalia Ebrahim Bio, Wiki Detail:

Name:: Aalia Ebrahim
Parents:: Farhan Ebrahim, Pooja Bedi
D.O.B:: 28 November 1997
Age:: 19 years old.
Place of Birth::Mumbai
Weight:: 48 KG.
Breast Size:: 31.
Height:: height is 5 feet.
Hips Size::hips size is 28.
Aalia Ebrahim Weight(Pounds) :: 102.5
Eye Color:: Black












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